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Voltaren SR 100mg


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What is Voltarensr?
One of the most important advantages of Voltarensr is that it contains Diclofenac sodium substance that can easily provide respite from pain and inflammation. You should consume Voltaren sr capsules to get the desired results in the form of pain free life. The medication plays an instrumental role in eliminating painful signals to the brain. It exists in different forms namely immediate release and delayed release tablets. Extended release options in the form of 75mg and 100mg is also available to the users. They are highly effective in providing relief during chronic diseases syndromes.
How doo I take Voltarensr?
If consumed in appropriate dosages, the drug would do wonders for the patients. Adults suffering from inflammation and pain should take at least 50 mg of tablets on a daily basis. The quantity of medication might increase to at least 100mg. It is important to have 3 doses with a time separation of at least 6 to 8 hours. A well defined distribution is essential to make sure that the patients recover in the shortest possible time frame.
In order to take the medicine, you can swallow the stuff with required amount of fluid. In addition, the people should not crush or chew the tablet or it may lose its effectiveness in treating the problem at hand.
The medicine also exists in the form of suppositories that are to be taken in quantities of 50 and 100 mg. Total maximum dosage should not be more than 100mg of Diclofenac. In fact, recommended dosage is the key to get effective results.
What if I missed the dosage?
Ideally Voltaren sr 75 mg film tablet should not be missed however in real time situations adhering to a schedule is quite difficult for the patients. If you are busy with work, the chances of skipping the dosages are quite high however no matter how many medicines are missed, it is important not to take double dosage. The quantity of medicine may cause more harm instead of any benefit. It may result in side effects.
Over dosage of Voltarensr
If you are witnessing symptoms of over dosage such as anxiety or rapid palpitations of heart, do not wait for the disaster to strike. Instead, call the emergency and get admitted to the hospital. A slight delay in such cases increases the chances of fatality.
What should I avoid while taking Voltarensr?
Individuals who are allergic to Diclofenac should watch out for side effects on the body. Pregnant women consuming the substance may end up harming the health of the fetus. In addition, individuals with bypass surgery may have to bear side effective in case of switching over to Voltarensr. The dosages have to be rescheduled accordingly so that the side effects are minimal. Asthma patients need to exercise caution as higher dosage has proved fatal in certain cases.
Side effects of Voltarensr

 Some of the side symptoms may range from dizziness to nausea and sun sensitivity. It can be accompanied by heart burn, confusion, liver problem and many more symptoms.

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