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Tegretol 100mg


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What is Tegretol?
Tegretol is used to control the seizures and pain in patients suffering from chronic disorders. It is a well known fact that the tablets are also used to provide relief to the individuals affected with different types of neuralgia.  It is also useful in treating the bipolar disorder to a great extent. Buy Tegretol xr online because it contains certain substances that help the patients to recover from depressed mental state as soon as possible. Medication exists in three forms namely oral, chewable and liquid suspension. Extended release tablet is also available for the users who require long term treatment from the disease. You can take the medicine while going out to negative the probability of convulsions.
How do I take Tegretol?
The medicine should be used according to the text contained in the label of the product. As far as chewable tablet is concerned, user should chew the stuff thoroughly before swallowing the content. It is bound to go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. You should buy Tegretol cr online however make sure to take correct dosage so that the treatment is effective in managing the diseases successfully. Take the medications regularly for 4 weeks because it may take long time to eliminate the instances of seizures. An epileptic individual may have to take 200mg twice in 24 hours.
If the medication belongs to extended release category, the tablet should be ingested thrice in a day however the total dosage may not exceed 300mg. For maintenance dosage, a patient would have to take 100mg of medicine.
People suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia can start with small dosage of 100mg but increase the amount by 200mg regularly to get the desired results. The regular dosage in between is maintained at 800mg in 24 hours.
Pediatric dose for epilepsy includes 10 to 20mg of medication for every kilogram weight. As a result children less than 25kg should take at least 500mg of dosage in 24 hours. For children between 10 to 15 years of age, maximum amount of medication that could be administered is 1000mg.
What if I missed the dose?
If you are missing the dose of medicine, it might affect the recovery process however one should take the medication as soon as possible. If the time is close to the next schedule, do not take additional dosage but ingest only a single tablet.
Over dosage:
 In case of over dosage the patient may experience confusion followed by chill and dizziness. If you are experiencing such symptoms immediately call the medical emergency.
What should I avoid while taking Tegretol?
Tegretol is known to cause fever, pain and rash to the patients who are experiencing dermatological symptoms. Individuals who are carrying human leukocyte antigens are vulnerable to the consumption of the drug.
Side effects:
Some side effects include blurred vision and back and forth eye movements. In few cases people get affected by diarrhea, drooling and fear of the unknown. In all situations, the best option is to stop the medication and opt for diagnostic check up.

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