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Shipping Policy

Our pharmacy immediately ships the product, once the order is processed. Generally it takes 48 hours to accomplish the task. Shipping is 100% free all throughout the US and it takes about 7 days for medications to reach the intended destinations. We avail the services of US postal department to ship the items to the customers.

Overnight shipping is available to the users however we cannot guarantee the delivery of the medicines within the exact time frame as it depends on the availability of the carrier. Goods are shipped the same day when the order is processed. The only condition for instant shipment is that the approval should be obtained before 3 PST.

The company doesn’t charge flat fee from the customers as the shipping service is available for free. All the requests are processed on weekends and weekdays without any delay. Our department works round the clock and delivers best results to the patients.

International customers can also visit the website to purchase medications. We deliver medicines all round the world including Europe and Latin America. People who want to change their shipping address should do before the medicine is delivered to the destination.

The company doesn’t ship the medicine immediately as we take 2 days to verify and process the order. Our certified physicians check the medical history and also examine the recommended dosage before forwarding the order to the inventory department. In few cases, patients are also advised to provide complete medical history to the doctors.

Shipping Policy