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Pyridium 200mg


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What is Pyridium?
Pyridium is a tablet that eliminates pain from the lower parts of the urinary tract. It is an anti inflammatory medication that goes a long ways in delivering sterling results to the users. Infection in the urinary bladder is caused due to surgery and usage of catheter. In such cases, Pyridium in USA plays an important role to provide prompt relief to the patients. The medication is available in different formats according to the requirements and specifications of the users. In fact, it is deployed in combination with the antibiotic to deliver effective treatment without any hassles.

How do I take Pyridium?
 Pyridium is to be taken orally by the patients. While taken in liquid format, the medication should be stirred vigorously so that it can have maximum effect on the patients suffering pain. Full glass of water is essential to ingest the medication in an impeccable manner. In order to avoid stomach upset, you can take Pyridium with food. Some patients would experience urination in orange color but one should not worry about the symptoms as they are perfectly normal.
Oral tablet for adults is taken thrice in a day and the strength of medicine should not be more than 100mg. If Pyridine is used along with antibiotic, the medication should not be used for more than 2 days. For renal patients, the dose should be continued after every 8 or 16 hours. If the parameters of the individuals are way above the thresh hold criteria, they should not be given the medication.
Kids are not given more than 600mg for every 24 hours because exceeding the recommended dosage is bound to cause long term side effects on the patients.

What If I missed the dosage?
 It is vital not to miss the dosage however in case of slippage, do not take double the dosage. It is better not to have side effects on the body metabolism of the patients.

Over dose:
 Taking pain on a long term basis could result in side effects. In some cases, skin might become yellow after a certain period of time. It is also followed by rashes and itchiness that have to be controlled as soon as possible. In other instances, people also suffer from convulsions, numbness, vomiting and swelling.

What should I avoid while taking medication?
Soft contact lenses should not be worn while taking the medicine because it might cause stains on the glasses.

Side effects of Pyridium:
Patients experience pale and yellow skin. One of the most common side effects is jaundice accompanied by frequent urination. People suffer drowsiness and confusion to a great extent. If left untreated the individuals would also experience wild mood swings. One should not take the symptoms lightly because they can do long term harm to the body and also prove to be fatal.
Some of the lesser known symptoms include dizziness, headache and skin itching. In other cases, the skin becomes blue due to the deficiency of the oxygen and results in the death of the patients.

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