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Naprosyn 250mg


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What is Naprosyn?
Patients who are suffering from arthritis cannot move their limbs as they are affected by incessant pain and inflammation. Similarly, people affected with spondylitis can also consume the medication and get instant benefits without any hassles. It is a well known fact that Naprosyn goes a long way in providing relief to the patients. Acute pain symptoms can be treated with the help of immediate released tablets however chronic issues should be sorted out by delayed release capsules. They are mighty effective in handling the inflammation issue in an impeccable manner.

How do I take Naprosyn?
Naprosyn should never be administered to the patients reeling from the after effects of cardio vascular disease. Moreover, one may have to take plenty of water for swallowing the tablets. Taking medicine in larger amount is not recommended however one can start with small dosage. It is bound to go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users.
Naprosyn and Tramadol oral suspension are not consumed directly but they are stirred vigorously. If the components are mixed well, they can have an instant effect on the pain in the joints and muscles. Children who are using the medication might experience weight gain. In such cases, one needs to contact the doctor and alter the dosage. Patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis may require increased dosage of medication with 375gm of tablet ingested twice in 24 hours.
As far as suspension is concerned, 2 table spoonfuls per day are sufficient for the patient. Long term consumption of medication required increase and decrease in the dosage. It is adjusted depending on the health of the affected individual.
People can increase the dosage up 1500mg per day for 6 months to treat the higher degree of inflammation inside the body. For juvenile arthritis patients, the quantity of the tablet fluctuates in the range of 2.5ml to 7.5ml.
In case of Primary Dysmenorrhea, the combined dose of medication can be extended to 1375mg on a daily basis.

What would happen if I missed a dosage?
People who have missed dosage do not have to rush in and take extra tablet. In fact, you can wait for the next schedule and consume only a single medicine. Taking more than one capsule can lead to lots of problems for the users.

Over dosage of medication:
Over dose of medication can cause lots of problems for the patients. In such cases, you can call the emergency number and get immediate assistance.

What should I avoid while taking Naprosyn?
Aspirin, salicylates and many other medications interact harmfully with Naprosyn. You should be very careful while using antacid with Naprosyn. The medicine can be detrimental to the health of the stomach because the medication is not absorbed by the body.

Side effects of Naprosyn:
Some of the side effects of Naprosyn include swelling of the body, dark urine and clay colored stools. In addition anemia can also occur after long term usage of the medication over a period of time.

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