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Naprelan 250mg


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What is Naprelan?
It is a non steroidal drug used to treat pain and other symptoms in the patients. Naproxen 500 dosage helps to reduce the hormones that cause pain as well as inflammation in the body. Due to unhealthy life style and old age, people often get affected with arthritis and spondylitis. There are numerous types of tablets available for the users. Some of them belong to the immediate release category while others belong to extended release and delayed release versions. The last two tablets are used for long term usage as they provide dosage in controlled quantities. Patients suffering from arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis can benefit from the amazing composition of the medication.

How do I take Naprelan cr generic medication?
People should take the tablet according to the recommended dosage by the manufacturers. You should read the label of the product and follow the instructions carefully. It will go a long way in accelerating the recovery process of the patients. If you are taking the liquid dose, measure the amount with the help of a suitable spoon. The step assists in formulating right dosage for the affected individuals. If you are changing the brand or the strength, the dosage might also change. People who are using Naprelan may require frequent tests to confirm that the vital organs are functioning according to the designated parameters.
For adults suffering from arthritis, the standard dosage should not be more than 375mg of tablet. It is consumed twice in 24 hours however for long term usage the dosage depends on the clinical response of the patients.
Generally, 3 tablets with 500mg of dosage are consumed daily because their benefits are far greater than the side effects caused to the patients. Oral suspension release tablets are available in different dosages with configurations ranging from 275mg to 500mg. The dosage is sufficient to deliver the goods to the users.

What would happen if I missed dose?
 If you missed a dose, switch over to the next schedule as making up for the lost time could prove counterproductive. Taking extra medicine can be detrimental for the health of the individuals.

Over dosage of medication:
 Medicine if taken in excess is harmful for health and the same holds true for Naprelan. You should contact the doctor in case of general fatigue and dizziness. Taking conditions lightly can prove destructive for the patients, therefore availing the services of the medical unit is the need of the hour.

What should I avoid while taking Naproxen 500 dosage?
Prior to consuming the medicine, you should examine the medical history in detail. If you are suffering from heart disease or even high blood pressure, it is important to stay away from Naproxen. In other cases, pregnant women should not take medicine because it can harm the health of the baby.

Side effects of Naproxen:
Some of the common side effects of medication include shortness of breath and weight gain. In addition, people also suffer from stomach bleeding that might lower the red blood count. In few instances people are affected by liver and kidney issues.

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