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Motrin 400mg


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What is Motrin?
Motrin is an antihistamine tablets used to reduce the effects of the chemicals in the body. The medication is used to treat not only insomnia but also associated pain. After taking Mortin, you will feel drowsiness that goes a long way in treating the problems related to sleeplessness. One of the most important aspects of Motrin is that it contains ibuprofen responsible for reducing the pain to a great extent.

How should I take Motrin?
The medicine belongs to the non steroidal anti inflammatory category therefore, it can be purchased without any problem. It is extremely important to take Mortin in suitable dosage. Generally, start with lowest quantity of medication to analyze the effectiveness in an impeccable manner. If the dosage is not working, one should increase the total amount however taking the medicine after a schedule of 10 days depends on the advice of the doctor. Motrin dosage for adults ranges from 38mg to 200mg of tablets in the initial phase. Frequency of taking the medication should not exceed than 2 times in a day. You can also take Motrin capsule twice in 24 hours.
Pediatric consumption of medication for kids less than 12 years of age should not be more than 200mg on a daily basis. Medicine has to be consumed with the help of milk to ward off stomach troubles. The product should be taken for only a short time because long term consumption can cause adverse effects on the body. Prior to surgery, patients should mention the fact to the doctor that they are taking Motrin. In order to use tablet for a longer period of time, store the medication in cool and dry place.

What happens if I missed the dose?
It you have missed the dose and it is time to take the next medication, do not take excessive Motrin. It can hamper the metabolism of the body and may even prove fatal for the patients.

Over dosage:
Over dosage of Motrin can be troublesome for the patients because it can cause skin rash and light headed feeling. If you are facing numerous issues, call the doctor because continuing with the medication may doo more harm than good in the long run.

What should I avoid while taking Motrin?
While taking Mortin, do not drink alcoholic beverages as they can cause stomach bleeding. In some cases, patients have complained about intestinal ulcers. People who are taking aspiring should top the medication before switching over to the dosage schedule of Mortin. Check the interactions of other drugs with antihistamine tablet before starting with the consumption process.

Side effects:
Side effects of Mortin include rapid heartbeat rate and skin rashes all over the body. As a part of the liver problem, the patient might get affected with flu like symptoms, pain in upper abdomen. Some patients may also suffer from kidney problems such as painful urination, loss of appetite and sudden gain in weight.
If the symptoms are left untreated, they can metamorphose into major crisis. It is important to connect with doctors in case of emergency.

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