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Maxalt 10mg


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What is Maxalt?
The medicine Maxalt goes a long way in resolving the problems of the patients. When you are having headache, take the medication and get immediate relief from pain in an easy and hassle free manner. People suffering from migraine e headaches would benefit a lot by the use of the medication. One of the best ways to avoid Maxalt generic side effects is to take the medicine in recommended amount. It is bound to help the patients in the best possible manner. The product is not used to treat norm al headaches but can be taken only for migraine.

How to take Maxalt?
Initially the dosage is administered at the hospital to check whether it causes side effects to the patients. One of the most important aspects of the medication is that it is mighty effective in eliminating pain. While taking Maxalt, make sure to take lot of water to stay hydrated. Tablets should be kept in a blister pack before consumption. It is bound to a go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. One should always use dry hands to place the medication in mouth. Patients should not swallow the tablet but let it dissolve in the mouth for maximum effectiveness.
Maxalt is known to increase the blood pressure; therefore you need to undertake check up periodically. It assists in warding off the side effects and improving the health of the patients. Initially 5 or 10mg of dosage is given to the users however later on the quantity can be increased. People who are suffering from hemiplegic migraines cannot be administered Maxalt dosage because of the dangers of paralytic stroke.
Kids who are less than 6 years of age are given 5mg of dosage in 24 hours. Patients with more than 40kg weight can be given 10mg of single dose in 24 hours. If the dosage is not effective, one can increase the amount check the effectiveness.

What happens if I missed a dose?
In case of missing a dosage in the morning, you can reschedule the medication for the evening. Patients should not take 2 tablets simultaneously because they can result in harmful effect on the body.

Over dose:
Over dosage causes Maxalt generic side effects with varying symptoms ranging from itching to shortness of breath. If the situation goes out of control, dial the emergency number to get immediate relief.

What should I avoid while taking Maxalt?
If you have taken Maxalt, avoid taking other medications with 24 hours of ingestion. For instance frovatriptan, naratriptan and sumatriptan should not be taken because they can induce extreme drowsiness.

Maxalt 10 mg side effects:
Some of the side effects include sudden and severe stomach pain and diarrhea. In addition, you may also get affected by kidney and liver disease after a period of time. In other instances, people may experience sudden numbness in the body followed by dangerously high blood pressure. If you are feeling dizziness or tiredness, contact the doctor to recover from the problem.

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