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Indocin 25mg


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What is Indocin?
The medicine acts on the body by reducing the production of the hormone causing pain as well as inflammation. It can be taken if you are suffering from chronic problem such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Indocin is also effective in handling issues related to ankylosing spondylitis. Athletes suffering from wear and tear of thee shoulder muscles may also use the medication to recuperate quickly in a time bound manner. One has to take Indocin side effects into account before starting the consumption. If taken in right amount the medicine can provide range of benefits to the patients.

How should I take Indocin?
Indocin should be taken in suitable dosage to have optimum effect on the health of the patients. For instance, immediate release capsule is administered in the range of 75mg to 150mg daily. The dosage is scheduled 3 to 4 times and the maximum dosage is not to be more than 600mg of tablet.
If you are taking suppository, make sure to take the medication rectally 3 times a day. Total quantity of medication is not more than 150mg of Indocin. Dosage depends on the individual patients and the intensity of the disease. Adults suffering from Tendonitis may require 150mg of immediate release tablet on a daily basis. It is bound to help the patients to get desired results.
Patients of rheumatoid arthritis need to take 25mg of dosage 2 to 3 times in 24 hours. Minimum single dosage is to not be exceeded more than 100mg while the maximum medication amount should not be more than 200mg.
Frequency of the dosage can be increased in patients suffering from kidney failure however one should increase the medication quantity or else it may result in side effects.

What if I missed a dose?
Missing dose could lead to delay in improvement of health of the patients. In case, you forgot to take Indocin, take the next dosage but do not try to consume double the original amount.

Over dose:
Over dose can occur in situations when you are taking more than the recommended dosage. Since the ingredients are not absorbed in the body at the desired rate, it may cause swelling of ankles and breathlessness. If the symptoms aggravate, they can prove to be fatal for the people. Contacting the in doctor in case of emergency can save precious lives of the people.

What should I avoid?
Users should avoid taking alcohol as it can create drowsiness and cause injuries. People are npot able to think properly and can meet with accidents.

Side effects:
Dizziness is one of the most common problems facing people. They also suffer from respiratory ailments that can create problems in the long run. Cardiovascular system malfunction occurs if the symptoms are not treated properly. Heartburn, frequent belching can lead to acidity of the stomach. One should make sure to get the help of the medical staff in order to ward off untoward incidents. People need to monitor the symptoms closely and take actions accordingly.

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