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Imuran 25mg


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What is Imuran?

Imuran is a tablet that can be consumed orally. Its effectiveness lies in the substance called azathioprine that helps to suppress the immune system of the body. The medication is a boon for the people undergoing kidney transplant as the ingestions helps to ward of the rejection of the foreign organs into the body. In addition, Imuran tablet uses also play an important role in treating patients suffering from arthritis. The medicine works by reducing the strength of the immune system so that organs are accepted by the body.

How do I take Imuran?

Imuran 50 mg uses can only be successful if it is taken in recommended dosage. Generally, patients with renal transplant are given 3 to 5 mg of dosage per kilogram of weight. Quantity of medication is increased for first 3 days but can be decreased over a period of time. In case of arthritis patients, 50 to 100mg of dosage should be administered to deliver sterling results to the users. One can increase the dosage for about 6 to 8 weeks but later on the medicine has to be increased incrementally by every 4 week.

People need to decrease the medicinal quantity progressively because sudden disruption may results in side effects. You can take the medication for about 12 weeks to ascertain whether Imuran is effective. Oliguric individuals are given lesser dosage to avoid side effects and to ensure that the transplant is conducted in a seamless manner. The medicine should be a taken for a long time even after you are feeling well.

What should I do in case of missed dosage?

If it is long time since you missed the dose, take the next tablet according to the schedule. One should not take double dose simultaneously because instead of providing benefits they may cause harm to the body.

Over dosage of medication:

There is a fine line between Imuran uses and side effects due to the over dosage of medications. Patients who are suffering from poor kidney and liver functions should not take treatment for a very long time. In case of serious over dose, one needs to contact local medical center for help.

What should I avoid while taking Imuran?

Patient should stay away from infection as the germs in the atmosphere are more likely to attack the body. One should not take any vaccine along with Imuran because drugs interact with the body metabolism and cause severe problems to the patients.

Taking Imuran makes the skin vulnerable to sun light, hence people should watch out for symptoms of skin cancer and other diseases.

Side effects of Imuran:

There are multiple side effects of Imuran; therefore experts advise caution in consuming the medications. Allergic reactions such as itching rashes and hives are not to be taken lightly. They are signs of serious underlying problem.

Liver problems also occur with chronic tiredness, fatigue and upset stomach. In some instances, people also suffer from dizziness, loose stools, weight loss followed by muscle pain.

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