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Imitrex 25mg


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What is Imitrex?
Imitrex is usually taken by the patients to treat common symptoms such as headache. The medication works by reducing the level of substances that can trigger the pain. One of the most important advantages of Imitrex generic dosage that it is not only cost effective but also quite potent for the patients to treat the underlying problem. If you are having migraine, look no further than the amazing tablet that has captured the imagination of majority of people. The medicine should be taken only if you have a migraine headache and not during conventional pain in cerebrum.
How should I take Imitrex?
 Imitrex is to be taken as recommended because over dose can make the situations worse and damage the health of the patients. Initially, the medication is administered in the hospital in order to handle the adverse effects. To start with, medication has to be taken with water. After taking the first tablet, one has to ascertain its effectiveness. In case, Imitrex is not able to eliminate the pain, one should take second dosage after 2 hours. Total quantity of medication may not exceed more than 200mg as more than the recommended amount can cause plethora of problems to the users.
Nasal spray treatment is also available to the individuals. It is used with a single shot however if the headache doesn’t go away, one may have to take a booster dose after 3 hours. You can continue with the treatment but the maximum recommended amount for 24 hours is 40mg.
Nasal capsule should never be taken orally to ward off side effects. 5 nasal capsules are enough for a day to provide relief to the patients.
Missing the dose:

Imitrex dosage 100mg is rarely missed when you are taking the medication for pain. After ingesting the first tablet, take the second dosage after waiting for 2 hours. It is important not to take more than 200mg of dosage.
Over dosage issues:
Over dosage is evident in patients who have been taking the medicine for a very long time. Some of the visible symptoms include blue colored lips along with low hemoglobin level, skin redness and breathing issues.
What should I avoid while taking the medication?
Although Imitrex generic cost is low, it should be administered with caution. Excess dosage of medication is known to impair the thinking of the patients. People should not use Imitrex if they have already consumed migraine headache medication in past 24 hours. Due to drowsiness, one should not engage in physical activity of any kind as it may cause injuries.
Side effects:
 There are many side effects of Imitrex however some of the most important ones include sudden and severe stomach pain. It is often accompanied by diarrhea and seizures. If you are experiencing signs of strokes, contact the doctor before situation goes out of hand. One should also pay attention to the higher levels of serotonin in the body because it may results in not only in hallucinations but also fever, vomiting and nausea.

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