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Imdur 30mg


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What is Imdur?
Imdur contains an ingredient called isosorbide mono nitrate responsible for dilating the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to various parts of the body. It is an extended release tablet that helps to block the angina pain to a great extent. The medication is available in different forms for the patient so that they can take the suspension or ingest the tablet orally. It is an effective tool that would go a long way in enhancing the health of the patients. They are able to get respite from pain and possible threat to life. Imdur is available in different forms right from tablet version to oral suspension.

How should I take Imdur?
Imdur is one of the most important medications that should be taken in controlled dosage. Since Imdur generic cost is cheaper compared to the branded versions, it is possible to purchase tablets for long term treatment. While taking the medication, one should take rest or sit so that it is properly digested. If you are having low blood pressure or sweating, it is vital to call the doctor for support. Medicine should not be stopped suddenly because it can lead to angina attack. Initial dosage should not be more than 30mg however later on it can be increased to 60mg daily. If the tablet is not effective, the dosage is enhanced to 120mg that is taken twice in a day in extreme situation.
One of the most important factors that have to be kept in mind is that the extended release tablet should not be chewed at any cost before swallow. If you are taking the medicine for the first time, it may cause severe headache however the pain would subside after some time.

What would happen if I missed a dose?
If you are missing a dose, you can take the tablet as soon as possible however do not take extra medication. It can cause harm to the body and damage the vital body parts.

Over dosage:
Imdur 60 mg generic over dose includes symptoms such as allergy to the medicine and congestive heart failure. You should contact the doctor to take immediate help without wasting time.

What should I avoid while taking Imdur?
One should not take sedatives with Imdur because it can impact the body metabolism of the patients. In few instances, people will suffer from drowsiness, therefore they should not do heavy duty job because it can lead to accidents.

Side effects of Imdur:
One of the prominent side effects of Imdur is that it induces light headedness inside the brain. Patients tend to lose their balance and experience difficulty in swallowing the medication. Redness of the skin is another symptom that should not be taken lightly by the users. They need to contact the nearest hospital or clinic. Burning crawling or bloody urine are signs that call for immediate action or else the patient may experience decrease in the hemoglobin count. It might prove fatal due to occurrence of heart failures.

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