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Gabapentin 100mg


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Gabapentin 100mg

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Gabapentin 300mg

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Gabapentin 400mg

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Gabapentin 600mg

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What is Gabapentin?
It is a well known fact that generic name of Gabapentin is Neurontin and as the name suggests the medication is used to treat numerous complications related to seizures. Everybody knows that in case of such instances patients slip into coma and might succumb to eventual death. One of the best options to recover from the problem is to buy gabapentin tablets. They play an important role in treatment of patients who can adult or children. Epileptic individuals would suffer injuries if they are not administered the dosage as soon as possible. The medicine is available in immediate release and extended release format.

How to take Gabapentin?
Taking gabapentin depends on the numerous factors that involve the patients. For instance, weight and age of the individual can have a significant impact on the amount. Oral tablet is available in different strength ranging from 100 to 400mg quantity. As far as oral solution is concerned, it comprises of 250mg quantity per liter.
Neuralgia patients consume gabapentin in varying amount to prevent the occurrence of symptoms. Increase in the dosage occurs gradually as the patient is given 300mg however on day 2, the amount of medicine increases to 600mg. It is further increase to 900mg to provide relief to the patients. Maximum dosage to such patients should not increase more than 1800mg.
In old age patients lower dosage is recommended because the body doesn’t get rid of the ingredients easily. The final quantity depends on the status of the kidney of the patients.

What if I missed the dose?
Missed dosage should not be compensated by extra dosage because it can have unintended side effects on the patients. You can either take the skipped dosage as soon as possible or wait for the time when the tablet has to be taken once again.

Over dosage:
Over dosage is far more lethal than the benefits. Persistent intake of medication can have a huge impact on the renal system of the patients. They may feel dizziness, drowsiness and loss of coordination. Some other symptoms include nausea, vomiting and double vision.

What should I avoid while taking Gabapentin?
If you are taking morphine along with Gabapentin, it can cause side effects on the body. People may feel excessive sleepiness and drowsiness. If you are talking antacid, it might reduce the amount of medication in body, therefore eliminating the effectiveness of medication.

Side effects:
Allergy is one of the most common side effects bugging the patients. They may suffer from swelling in the throat and tongue accompanied by hives and rashes.
Drinking alcohol along with Gabapentin can make the patient tired and ill. Stopping the medication suddenly will have numerous side effects on the person such as emotional changes. An individual may suddenly fly into rage without any rhyme or reason. Kids who consume gabapentin may deliver poor performance in school. It is extremely important to monitor the other symptoms such as aggressive behavior in the patients and restlessness. People may also face trouble in sleeping at night.

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