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Decadron 0.5mg


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What is Decadron?
The medication Decadron consists of Dexamethasone substance used to treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation in an easy and hassle free manner. It is available in the form of 0.5mg and 0.75 mg tablets to deliver the goods to the patients. Decadron contains adrinocortical steroids used for changing the immune system of the body to handle pain and inflammation attacks. Since the responses of the body metabolism decreases, it goes a long way in treating problems related to arthritis and other issues successfully. Decadron is used for patients suffering from the adrenaline gland syndrome; they can get respite from pain in an impeccable manner.
How to take Decadron?
The medication should be taken in controlled amount to treat the patients successfully. It is to be taken with food and milk so that the stomach acidity doesn’t affect the individuals. One of the most important schedules is the consumption of a single shot on the first day. The total amount could be in the vicinity of 0.75mg however it might increase to 4 days. Once the dosage is enhanced, it can have a cascading effect on the pain as well as inflammation of the joints. Later on the quantity could be decreased to about 3 and 2 dosages to ward off Decadron side effect.  T
Patients impacted by cerebral edema are injected 10mg of medication in the initial phase. Later on they are given 4mg shots for every 6 hours until the symptoms completely disappear.
As far as kids are concerned, they should be given 0.3 mg per kilogram of weight. The dose is divided into different parts to offset the plethora of side effects on the patients.
What if I missed the dose?
If you are missing the dose of Decadron, do not panic but make sure to take the next medicine on time. It is vital not to take over dose because medicines belonging to steroidal category can impact the body metabolism to a great extent.
Over Dose:
Over dosage of medication is bound to do more harm to the patients. To start with, it can lead to fatigue in the body followed by extreme drowsiness. You should contact the emergency assistance in case of flaring up of the symptoms. 
What should I avoid while taking Decadron?
The medication is known to cause side effects to the patients if they are not careful with the dosage. If you have a medical history, lower the amount of Decadron that is to be taken. It may not cause any side effect on the body. Some other conditions that can be red flagged include anxiety, low blood pressure and deficiency of essential minerals in the body.
Side effects of Decadron:
Initially the patient might suffer from joint pain however it can also impact various body parts. Pain in stomach and swelling of legs causes lots of problems to the patients. In addition, kidney as well as liver functions also get impaired over a period of time. Some patients also experience itching as well as breathing troubles; therefore it is always necessary to exercise caution while taking Decadron back pain tablets.

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