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Benemid 500mg


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What is Benemid?
Benemid or Probenecid plays an important role in passing the uric acid of the body. It helps to lower the urea level in the blood and is crucial in treating problems such as arthritis and gouty arthritis. It is not given as a single medication but used in combination with other antibiotics to treat the chronic syndrome. You can buy benemid tablet however it is important to take the medication in controlled dosage. It is mighty effective and helps the patients to recuperate in a quick and effective manner.

How should I take benemid?
Take the medicine according to the recommended dosage amount by the manufacturers. In order to prevent any adverse effect, patient should drink plenty of water so that they also stay hydrated for a longer period of time. Patients impacted by gout should take 250mg of tablet twice a day. For long term treatment, 500mg of medication would do a whirl of good to the patients. Maximum adult dosage is not more than 2mg in 24 hours.
Gouty Arthritis can be painful for the majority of patients. Sudden spasm is the order of the day however you can take medicine and get quick respite in an impeccable manner. Adult dosage for Adjunct to antibiotic therapy includes 500mg of tablet 4 times in 24 hours. In addition, pediatric dosage for kids less than 14 years is administered 25mg per kg weight. For children whose weight is more than 50kg, no more than 500mg of medicine is taken within the shortest possible time frame.
For people with renal infections, less dosage is recommended however if the filtration rate is lower than 30ml/min, one should not ingest the benemid.

What happens if I missed the dosage?
In case, you have missed the dosage, do not try to take extra medications as they can make the situations worse. Instead, you should focus on scheduling the dosage for the next time frame.

Over dosage of benemid:
Over dosage of benemid can cause lots of problems to the users. It may lead to irregular breathing and puffiness of the eye lids. In case of symptoms, one should contact the medical staff.

What should I avoid while taking benemid?
In case of any allergy, one needs to contact the doctor because reaction of the medication can prove life threatening for such patients. Children who are under 2 years age are not given benemid medication.

Side effects of benemid:
Some of the side effects of benemid include back pain, belly pain, blood in the urine. They are accompanied by fever, chill, tiredness along with black colored stools. Intestinal bleeding cannot be ruled out, therefore, it is vital to stop the medication and connect with the medical experts. Sore throat is one of the most important symptoms that have to be taken into account because it signifies that side effects are spreading slowly into the body.
When the situation worsens, they also cause dizziness, upset stomach and swollen gums. In fact persistent consumption of medication can cause heart problems to the people.

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